About us

Ned Wallace, the Group's founder and president, has over four decades of international air cargo experience as a long time senior executive with The Flying Tiger Line, a consultant to Asian and US cargo operators, and as founder and president of Polar Air Cargo. At Wallace Air Cargo Group he has assembled a cadre of air freight professionals who are among the best in their fields. In addition, he has closely linked the Group with affiliate companies based in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, each of which has an intimate, working knowledge of air freight markets to, from and within those regions. The Group can provide a customer access to an experienced cargo team on an efficient, cost effective basis. Whether it's consulting on strategies for profiting from an expanding air freight market or providing support for an air freight operation, Wallace Air Cargo Group can help.

Our Services Include

  • General Cargo Sales Agent
  • Customer service
  • Customer billing & collections
  • Ground handling supervision
  • Market intelligence, analysis and strategies
  • Aircraft/engine evaluation
  • Assistance on regulatory matters